The Bad Plus - Give

So I'm a little behind with this one as they already have another CD out called “Suspicious Activity”. I don't have it yet. Do you ? Is it good ?. The CD “Give” came out in March of 2004. So here is a band that is very different. They are a typical jazz trio but they play cover songs by Blondie, Nirvanna, and Black Sabbath ? Different eh ?!? To be sure. Their original work is awesome too. Their style of playing anything (originals or covers) is what is so different. They play with a lot of dissonance and I'd assume they are breaking all kinds of musical rules. Ethan Iverson on Piano is amazing. I'd guess that he could play almost anything he set out to play. It must be nice to have that much technique. The piano dominates and with the volume up, will shake the room (how else could one play “Iron Man” on the piano ?). The rhythm is amazing and Reid Anderson (bass) and David King (drums) are a great complement to Ethan's amazing arpeggios and “hand banging” chords (did I just coin a new term ?). Its definitely not fusion (my favorite) though I still rate this band pretty highly.

Their website thebadplus.com says a lot about them and their weblog shows their diverse musical interests currently listing news about the band “The Police” and about the recent death of Michael Brecker. The documents page has a discography. They also offer a link labeled Copyright Protection that has a link to a Sony website describing what to do if you bought a CD with the debilitating rootkit (XCP) on it. The rootkit makes it possible for hackers to compromise your system and it was a very bad business move for Sony. Too bad for the great bands that wind up getting caught up in all of that.


Scott Kinsey - Kinesthetics

I have a strong affinity for the music of Scott Kinsey. I think Tribal Tech is great stuff. They are a major paradigm shift in fusion of the 21st century. Their band works really well together and the complement each other excellently. But this is not Tribal Tech. There is an incredible linedžup on this CD including but not limited to the members of Tribal Tech. The CD also features Vinnie Colaiuta who I remember best as the awesome drummer that played with Frank Zappa. However, Vinnie's discography is totally amazing. Some others include Steve Tavaglione, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Cyril Atef, Michael Landau, Alex Acuņa, and Abraham Laboriel Sr.

The CD features a lot of the line-up that I mentioned too with a lot of saxophone solos (Steve Tavaglione) replacing the guitar and keyboard solos that you would typically get with Tribal Tech. Of course there is still a lot of those solos too. I find the music to be a bit less “crazy” than TT and a bit more mainstream jazz but it is all very good. I look forward to more of these solo CD's from Scott.

Looking at Scott's website reminded me that I saw his name in the credits when I watched “Oceans Eleven” Read more at Scott Kinsey's Official Website.

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