Here's another great review of another great CD.


I've been checking out the “End of the World Party (Just in Case)”CD from Medeski Martin & Wood. It seems to me to be very well produced and very modern with a lot of new sounds (new as in not heard elsewhere. I've been listening to MMW since approximately 1999 or 2000. I really like them probably because they have an original sound and because I like when music is dominated by keyboards (possibly because I was raised on Rock & Roll and want to get away from everything being dominated by guitar so when a group can successfully enthrall using keyboards bass and drums, it's very cool. Ignore track 10 (Reflector) as it appears to have some guitar.

The nice electronic sound that is notable from this work is perhaps most apparent from track one (Anonymous Skulls) though its pervasive throughout. I can't get enough of the organ (Track 2 - Bloody Oil) and “wah'd” Clavinet work (Track 3 - Curtis) that is typical from this trio, but its nice to hear that there is so much more that Mr Medeski can do in addition to playing those instruments very well. I totally love the sounds he can make out of the mainstream instruments that appear to be synthesized (you might think) but listening closely, I really don't think they are.

The title track (4) is bouncy and bluesy with all the crazy sound effects stuff mixed in to make it interesting. It has some really great stand-up bass work in there (and some other strings ? - see also track 6 (Mami Gato) oh and the entire rest of the CD). For some strange reason the title tune reminds me of Cantaloupe Island. Its one a musician could have fun playing over and over again.

The piano on track 5 (Ice) is a nice touch. There are some interesting arpeggios in the intro (and a few other places). Not your typical scales ... just a little bit dissonant. It also has a nice groove to it (like track 3). The synthesizers are all effects'd out and it just works very well. Very pleasant listening. I won't cover every track but I'm hoping you get the idea. Take it as a recommendation.

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