Here is some more of the music I've been buying and listening to.


The new Pat Metheney CD, “The Way Up” is very very good. I've seen it described as “too long” or as the “Pat Metheny equivalent of Tales from Topographic Oceans”. First off, what was wrong with “Tales from Topographic Oceans”? I sort of liked that one. Next, this is jazz ... plain and simple (not rock). The playing is amazing and I really like the journey that it takes you on. I'd have to classify this one of the best Pat Metheney CD's that I have listened to (and thats quite a few). All the playing is amazing. I'm particularly impressed with the piano arpeggios. Not that I don't expect that kind of playing from Lyle Mays. I'm sure I could keep this one in the player and listen to it over and over without getting tired of it. The fact that it is rather long makes it very different from most other Pat Metheney CD's. Though they are ALL a bit difficult to classify. Some of the Pat Metheney CD's that I am most fond of are “We Live Here”, “American Garage”, “Bright Size Life”, and the self-titled “The Pat Metheney Group”.

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