Here is some more of the music I've been buying and listening to.


Chick Corea - The Ultimate Adventure

This is a fantastic CD. Its a lot like the Electrik Band stuff yet different in lots of ways. It seems a little less structured than the Electrik Band material to me, with piano solos running longer or shorter before returning to the main theme. It seems slightly more dominated by Chick's piano playing than the typical Electrik Band stuff, but thats never a bad thing. There are a lot of great players too such as drummer Steve Gadd, flautist Hubert Laws, guitarist Frank Gambale, and both Tim Garland and Jorge Pardo on Woodwinds. Also on drums are Vinnie Colaiuta, and Tom Brechtlein with Rubem Dantas and the ever popular Airto Moreira on percussion.

This CD reportedly uses a lot of North African Rhythms. I'm not sure I really recognize these but the songs are interesting rhythmically. Chick's playing is never boring. I'd have to say that he is still growing after all these fantastic years because the solos and rhythm changes are amazing. The lineup is spectacular. I've never heard of many of these players but the saxophone solos are great, the drumming is tight and ultra-creative. I'll be looking for more from these folks. I highly recommend this CD.

Brand X - Missing Period

I'm not sure about the title. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we don't always hear new things from Brand X regularly. Maybe its about grammer. I won't touch any other possible explanations. Most of the songs are on other Brand X CD's and that's a negative in my opinion. They are done differently from the originals so it's not too bad. Probably not going to be one of my favorite Brand X CD's but they are still one of my favorite jazz / rock bands.

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