I wanted to share about some of the music I've been buying and listening to. I'll start with my most recent purchases/discoveries and work back from there. Like I stated on the main “Music” page, I'll try not to go back too far in time (I don't want to date myself here).

Steps Ahead

This is a great band with a smooth feel that sort of makes me think of “The Yellowjackets” or “The Rippingtons”. They make good use of the Vibes and keyboards but the bass and drumming are pretty great too. There is some really creative playing here. Check them out. Here are the ones I own.


These CD's aren't really new but they are still a relatively recent discovery for me. I'm quite impressed. I'm sure I'd heard of Bunny Brunel somewhere before (probably on Live365 internet radio). This is an innovative bass player for certain. I hadn't heard of Tony McAlpine either but he's a fantastic guitar player. Both Bunny Brunel and Tony MacAlpine play the keyboards on the first and second album. Cab 2 has guest Brian Auger while Cab 4 has Brian again and Patrice Rushen on keys. I used to have a cassette tape of Brian Auger & the Oblivion Express that I played to death long ago. I'm familiar with Patrice Rushen from her playing with Jean Luc Ponty on “Upon the Wings of Music” “Aurora” and “Storytelling”. She has a remarkable way with tasteful jazz chord changes. Drummer Dennis Chambers should need no introduction since he's played with Niacin, The Brecker Brothers, Mike Stern, and Rock Guitarist Carlos Santana. He has a solo CD or two that sound interesting (perhaps I'll review them later). Anyway the band is very tight and they take on some tough rhythm patterns. Much of it has a progressive rock feel to it but there is a lot of obvious jazz influence.


Chick Corea, Gary Burton et. al.

CD: Like Minds (1998)
The full line up for this CD is pretty impressive. Chick Corea on piano, Gary Burton on Vibes, Pat Metheney on guitar, Roy Haynes on drums, and Dave Holland on bass. I'm not sure I need to say anything else. Its a more traditional jazz than the “Electric Band” stuff that we've been getting from Chick (not that you'd catch me complaining about any aspect of that project). If you are more into the classic than fusion jazz, its a must hear. Question and Answer is a tune that may be familiar to Metheney listeners. In fact all the tracks except one (Soon; George Gershwin) are originals (between the members of the lineup anyway). See more at Amazon.com

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