I created this page to share my love of Jazz and Jazz/rock fusion. If you like fusion from the 70's & 80's like Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, UK, Bruford, Deodato, or the Headhunters and also and from the 80's & 90's like Brand X or Alan Holdsworth, then I welcome you to this site because I think you may find something useful here. I'll host my own personal CD reviews describing some of the music I have bought or listened to and you may get ideas from what I like and don't like as to what you would be interested in (especially if you like the same stuff that I do). I hope to keep the focus on recent music. My feeling is that if you haven't heard something that came out in the 70's by now, you probably aren't interested.

My Tastes - I'm really into a nice blend of jazz/rock fusion. I like traditional jazz but I think a little bit of rock in the mix makes things more interesting. One band that makes that mix very well is Brand X. Their songs often have some nice rhythmic patterns with a lot of syncopation that come to a point in the middle where the volume goes up and everything just breaks into a hard-driving John Goodsall guitar solo. I was raised on Heavy Metal like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and those rock roots are hard to lose entirely. But I do like some traditional jazz. I play keyboards and so I'm biased by piano music and like a lot of pianists like Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock, Milcho Leviev etc. I like stuff like Keith Jarrett but find the bizarre rhythms and use of dissonance a little difficult to get into. Sometimes that is a good thing with music however. I never like music that I totally get the first time I hear it, because it usually becomes boring by the 2nd or 3rd time.

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